Facebook Chatbot Demo for Regulators

Launch Demo


About innovation:

Chatbots for reporting consumer complaints via social media can augment traditional channels (SMS, IVR, phone, kiosks in-person filings) and produce efficiencies for regulators, institutions, and consumers alike. In this demonstration case, we present a live prototype of a facebook chatbot, which ultimately informed regulators’ decisions to adopt such a tool. While the Abibot demo provides a streamlined interface for building static conversations, this facebook bot is extensible with custom code on the backend, which can serve to integrate with existing complaints systems and trigger other external actions.

You can benefit from these learnings today:

  • Leverage customer service logs
    Records of conversations can identify what can be handled by a bot without human intervention
  • Let humans do human things
    With a bot taking care of basic rote questions, your representatives can now focus on building meaningful relationships
  • Adhere to bot basics
    Give your bot a personality, but never pretend to be human, and be ready to hand off to one when needed