Webinar: Creating Better Futures for the 5 Million Young Gig Workers in Ghana

Authored by: Carmen Merab
February 12, 2020 - 1 min read
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BFA Global research shows that the rise of digital commerce has changed the nature of work and created a new category of workers called iWorkers — gig workers, eLancers, and e-commerce merchants or sellers — those who earn their livelihood through digital means. In Ghana, the high unemployment rate and scarcity of formal jobs means jobless growth is the biggest challenge facing its youth. Hence the appeal of iWork to aspiring youths and concerned policymakers: iWork offers pathways to employment or long-term livelihoods. By 2030, we estimate some 4.6 million people or almost 30% of the expected labor force in Ghana could become iWorkers.

Ghana is the first candidate to undergo the iWorker Country Diagnostic, which determined how enabling the conditions are for iWorkers to emerge and develop. Ghana’s experience is teaching for other African countries seeking to tackle youth unemployment in the digital era. Join our webinar and panel discussion as we share insights and highlight opportunities for policymakers, the private sector, and researchers to assess, shape, and implement favorable conditions for iWorkers to prosper and for economies to thrive. Visit the iWorker project website www.iworkerproject.org

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