China Financial Diaries

Year Started:

Year Ended:

Key Partners/Clients:
Chinese Academy of Financial Inclusion, World Bank

Area of Work:
Digital Financial Services, Livelihoods and Microenterprise


To better understand the financial services needs of the demand side, which includes both households and smallholders/enterprises, the World Bank Group in partnership with CAFI and BFA Global are undertaking Financial Diaries research, with the ultimate goal of informing improved product design for this underserved population in China. Better financial solutions will equip low-income households and enterprises with the ability to cope with other aspects of life. Improved ability to smooth consumption, for example, could ease the current practice of having to trade off food, healthcare, and school costs. In the project, BFA Global is providing strategic leadership to the design and implementation of the fieldwork, offering ongoing support to CAFI and will offer insights during the analysis.