What is TECA?

Authored by: Carmen Merab
June 16, 2022 - 1 min read

TECA is a venture launcher that promotes ambitious and innovative ventures in the area of climate resilience and adaptation. TECA will fund and support high-potential individuals with a demonstrated passion for climate action, to develop ideas into ventures. TECA’s mission is to launch 100 ventures by 2026 to bolster the climate resilience of vulnerable communities and the planet, leveraging fintech and other enabling technologies.

In line with our core mission, we aim to build a TECA community to connect a growing network of experts, investors, and other like-minded individuals committed to a climate-resilient future. 

Our first Wave of entrepreneurs focused on the Blue Economy in East Africa.

Our current wave, the Africa Blue Wave focuses on the Blue Economy in Kenya, Tanzania, Madgascar, Mozambique and Comoros

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