Mexico Financial Diaries

Year Started:

Year Ended:

Key Partners/Clients:
Gateway Financial Innovations for Savings (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors) and BANSEFI (Banco del Ahorro Nacional y Servicios Financieros

Area of Work:
Digital Financial Services, Livelihoods and Microenterprise


Mexico Financial Diaries set out to obtain granular, long-term, provider-side data about the financial lives of low-income Mexicans. This data was used by BANSEFI to better understand and serve this market segment. Detailed information gained from these households would impact the way BANSEFI decided to administer the distribution of social transfer payments such as Oportunidades, and offered insight into new features of products that low-income customers demand.

The Mexico Financial Diaries followed 185 families in three locations (Mexico City, Puebla, and rural Oaxaca) representing three very different examples of Mexican life. Our research team visited these households approximately every two weeks over the course of a year, from early 2014 through January 2015 to interview families about all financial activities and events in their lives.

Findings and Key Takeaways