Founders in the Making: Insider Insights by Samuel Omondi

Authored by: Carmen Merab
April 24, 2024 - 3 mins read

In this spotlight Q&A, we’re excited to feature the experiences and insights of a current  Africa Blue Wave / Regen Wave participant. By sharing fellows’ stories, challenges, and milestones, we hope to provide valuable perspectives for those considering applying to the program.

Samuel Omondi is an Africa Blue Wave / Regen Wave fellow and a final-year Software Engineering student at the African Leadership University in Rwanda. He is an aspiring thought leader and innovator in Africa’s renewable energy sector.

Q: Can you share a little background about yourself? What motivated you to become an entrepreneur?

A: Hi, I’m Samuel Omondi, an aspiring thought leader and innovator in Africa’s renewable energy sector. Recognizing the pressing challenges faced by my community, particularly the menace of plastic waste and energy poverty, I co-founded Plas-tech. We aim to address these challenges by converting plastic waste into clean cooking gas, offering a sustainable solution to both environmental and social issues.

Q: How did you find out about Africa Blue Wave / Regen Wave and why did you decide to apply / choose to be a part of the program?

A: I learned about TECA through my entrepreneurship mentor, and upon reviewing the application, I immediately recognized its alignment with ventures in the blue and green economy space like Plas-tech. I saw TECA as an opportunity to amplify the impact of our startup, prioritizing the health of people and the planet while creating employment opportunities for Africa’s youth.

Q: Do you have any tips to share for this process?

A: If you’re passionate about driving environmental impact in your community and have a venture in the blue/green economy space, TECA is the perfect fit. My advice is to demonstrate unwavering entrepreneurial drive and a commitment to overcoming challenges. Let your passion shine through in your application to stand out from the crowd.

Q: After acceptance into Africa Blue Wave / Regen Wave, what’s the next step? Could you guide us through the initial stages?

A: Upon acceptance, we embarked on virtual masterclasses covering essential topics for entrepreneurs in the digital age, such as hypothesis validation. Then, we attended the Huddle in Watamu, Kenya, where we connected with fellow participants from across Africa, engaged in team-building activities, and embarked on insightful site visits that informed our research post-Huddle.

Q: So far, what were the most significant advantages you gained from participating in the program?

A: TECA has provided invaluable access to resources, including financial support and masterclasses that directly benefit Plas-tech’s development. The platform also offers constructive feedback and fosters a supportive environment for entrepreneurial growth.

Q: Can you share any insightful moments or surprises from your journey in the program that left a lasting impact or inspiration?

A: Engaging with guest speakers and learning from experienced founders has been incredibly inspiring. The post-Huddle experience, filled with challenging research tasks and thought-provoking questions, has accelerated my venture’s growth and provided invaluable learning opportunities.

Q: Can you describe a significant milestone you achieved during the program?

A: Through TECA, I’ve positioned Plas-tech for potential investment, honed my pitching skills, and gained a deeper understanding of the importance of data-driven decision-making. While there’s still much to learn, I’m optimistic about the future.

Q: Is there anything about your experience that surprised you or went beyond your initial expectations?

A: The caliber of innovators and the quality of education provided by TECA surpassed my expectations. The program offers access to world-class mentors and fosters a supportive community that encourages growth and collaboration.

Q: What’s your advice for people considering applying to the progrm?

A: Don’t hesitate – apply! TECA offers a unique opportunity to tailor your entrepreneurial journey to your community’s needs. Embrace the experience, leverage the resources, and be prepared to embark on an inspiring journey of growth and impact.

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