Grit, Skills and Luck: Examining the financial lives of refugees in Uganda

Authored by: BFA GLOBAL
August 19, 2020 - 1 min read

This report commissioned by FSD Uganda and FSD Africa provides an in-depth analysis of a quantitative survey undertaken in January 2020 with a sample of refugees and their host communities in the settlements of Nakivale, Bidibidi, Palorinya and in the capital, Kampala. The aim of this study, which is one of the few in-depth surveys dealing specifically with detailed information about the income, expenses, and financial management of refugees in Uganda, also compares their current status with their lives prior to leaving their countries of origin and their journeys to Uganda.

The report provides insights on the financial lives of refugees and how best to leverage what they have brought with them, what they have gained and what they need next to lead successful and independent lives.

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