Breaking Barriers: Women Entrepreneurs in Ghana Navigate the Digital Landscape

May 3, 2023 - 1 min read

From May to December 2022, BFA Global conducted a WhatsApp chatbot-based survey to gather direct end-user data about the livelihoods and resilience of micro and small enterprise (MSE) customers of the Inclusive Digital Commerce (IDC) portfolio companies. The objective was to assess the degree of the program’s impact on the MSEs in terms of paid employees, income stabilization, and financial resilience and to explore how these indicators varied among different population groups, in particular young women.

The chatbot survey revealed that IDC companies focus on women and youth with 56% of survey respondents being women, and 76% youth (aged 15-35 years). Most young women are running their businesses in fashion accessories, beauty and cosmetics industries. We found that, on average, MSEs have used the platform services to sell their products online and track their sales for the past seven months.

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