Customer Insights

Giving voice to the low income consumer

Customer Insights gives voice to the needs of the customer by defining and defending the value proposition in the creation of solutions for the financial needs of low income consumers.

UX Research with WWB

Identifying ways to optimize the user experience (UX) with USSD-based value added banking services to drive strong uptake and usage, particularly among women.

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Smallholder, Mexico and Kenya Financial Diaries

Shedding light on how low income families manage their money and the unique constraints they face.

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Customer Insights brings a deep and holistic understanding of low income consumers, their financial needs and behaviors based on the constraints they face in their lives.

  • Brings more than 10 years of experience combined of leading subject matter experts who have built an in-depth knowledge base about serving the financial needs along the bottom of the income curve.
  • Trains and assists institutions in using the BFA-developed and copyrighted Financial Diaries Data Collection application.
  • Employs of a wide range of methodologies that leverage attitudinal and behavioral research (Human Centered Design, UI/UX research, usability testing, ethnography and focus groups).

More Customer Insights Projects

Customer Insights forms the basis of Solution Creation by defining and defending the value proposition along the customer journey to negotiate the design of a customer-centric solution. In the creation of a solution that meets the financial needs of low income consumers, Customer Insights engages the other areas of Business Analytics to articulate the business case and provider strategy and with Inclusive Fintech to harness technology-driven products and services.

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Updated January 2017