Enabling incumbents to compete in the digital age

As society and our economies become increasingly digital, businesses who continue to rely on manual records and processes or fail to leverage digital innovations are finding it increasingly difficult to compete and remain relevant. Particularly during COVID, face to face interactions were significantly hindered, and consumer uptake of digital financial services skyrocketed. 

We design and help implement strategies that assist financial institutions and other businesses in emerging markets as they digitize their operations, improve efficiencies and take advantage of the benefits and revenue opportunities they can access via digital commerce and digital services. We help our partners develop solutions and platforms that make it easier for businesses to go digital, and we develop strategies that can help them develop the skillsets they need to seamlessly transition to the digital space.

Featured projects

The opportunities of digital transformation for financial cooperatives in Mexico

This paper shares insights on why cooperatives must pursue digital transformation and how they can do so effectively. With lessons from BFA Global’s work in Mexico and present recommendations to help financial cooperatives around the world plan strategically, navigate a changing landscape, and better serve their members during a time of crisis.