Design and build

BFA Global applies modern technologies and lean innovation methods to create meaningful solutions for both the public and private sectors.

The solutions we develop reduce costs and risks for service providers while strengthening the business case for inclusive services and products for low-income consumers.

UI/UX research & design

Through behavioral research and human-centered approaches, we design products and solutions that meet the needs of the underserved


AI, ML & data analytics

We leverage our knowledge of cutting-edge data analytics techniques and technologies to inform and create tools and products for our partners


Tech architecture mapping

We develop technology architecture maps for startups and providers, to identify opportunities for tech improvements in the backend, inform software development and optimize their products



We conduct design sprints and use other creative approaches to rapidly prototype solutions that can be tested and iterated in-market


Product development

We conceptualize, design and develop products that can benefit low-income customers around the world


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