Acreimex Lending App Demo: Getting Loans to Clients Faster

Authored by: BFA GLOBAL
October 24, 2018 - 1 min read

Acreimex is a cooperative serving low-income people in Mexico. The group credit loan is crucial to its success, but the OPTIX program found that there were no similar options in the market because it took a long time to get the loans to clients. Clients then had to go to competitors for quicker access to lending. Acreimex faced a cumbersome and costly loan process itself. OPTIX conducted a research sprint to identify the areas in the loan origination process that needed improvement. A lending app was developed to make this process smoother, faster, and simpler. Once improvements were integrated into the new app, loan officers could create and access client profiles, verify IDs, and consult client profiles in order to make a loan decision. The loan approval time was cut from seven to three days, and clients could access loans when they needed it the most.

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