A Roadmap for More and Better Savings

Authored by: BFA GLOBAL
October 21, 2018 - 1 min read

Acreimex is a financial institution serving low-income people in Mexico with a human touch. The OPTIX program worked with Acreimex to understand how to offer the right customer incentives so they could access better savings products while addressing immediate liquidity needs, and also to help them build resilience. OPTIX designed a strategy informed by behavioral economics developed materials to assess the best structure and design for customer interfacing. Drawing from this strategy, Acreimex designed a Group Credit loan program that allows members to build long-term assets while also being able to meet immediate liquidity needs. Acremix’s term deposit product enabled ranging from one week to 360 days, and customers had the option to invest their saved funds as well. This has several positive impacts for members including the ability to purchase inventory in bulk.

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