The OPTIX Impact

Authored by: BFA GLOBAL
December 10, 2018 - 1 min read

Financial institutions around the world are serving a new wave of customers, and serving the previously unserved and underserved communities with financial and banking services. However, as the world around has become increasingly digital and everything is just a smartphone away, these financial institutions haven’t always been able to keep up with the changes.

Under the OPTIX project, we worked with four financial institutions- SAJIDA Foundation in Bangladesh, Acreimex in Mexico, Banco W in Colombia, and CEP in Vietnam. By helping them streamline and digitize processes, we have been able to help these institutions leapfrog into the hyper-digitized world. Whether it’s thinking about new ways to reach their customers or make lives easier for field staff or even establish successful external partnerships, together with our institutions, we have been able to reach over one million people in these countries.

Watch this video as the Quant Guy walks us through the everyday struggles of these financial institutions.

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