Your finances and the Coronavirus pandemic: Dipstick surveys

Additional Financial Health Insights

Open-sourcing survey instrument for “COVID-19 and Your Finances” in English and Spanish

  In order to conduct a rapid assessment of the impact of COVID-19, BFA Global deployed a “dipstick” online survey on Mar 25 and Mar 26 across seven countries. The blog post and dashboard that shared insights from the survey … Continue reading →

Kenya Financial Diaries

BFA Global, funded by FSD Kenya, undertook a comprehensive financial diaries study in Kenya. Over the course of one year, BFA Global designed a sample study for the low-income population segments in Kenya which included the use of research instruments, … Continue reading →

Smallholder Financial Diaries

The Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) contracted BFA Global to implement the year-long Financial Diaries with Smallholder Families to elucidate the financial lives of smallholder households and build the evidence base on this important client group. The study, … Continue reading →

COVID-19: Impact and solutions for emerging markets

Social distancing and lockdown measures have become the new reality for many across the globe in light of COVID-19. However, the effect of the resulting economic crisis has been far from uniform. The team at BFA Global has been monitoring … Continue reading →

How Financial Health Is Transforming BFA Global’s Work in 2020

This post was co-authored by Ashirul Amin and Benjamin Mazzotta   Genesis of Financial Health as a Concept Financial health (FH) has become a core topic in the financial inclusion industry, and at BFA Global we believe it represents a … Continue reading →

Digital financial transfers can supercharge the response to COVID-19

As soon as the scale of the worldwide pandemic became apparent, the Kenya government swung into action with measures that are increasingly familiar around the world: encouraging social distancing, suspending travel, closing schools, etc. But, the Kenya government had an … Continue reading →

¿Cómo está afectando el COVID-19 a la salud financiera de los mexicanos?

¿Cómo está afectando el COVID-19 a la salud financiera de los mexicanos?     Ahora que México cuenta con 993 casos confirmados de coronavirus y ha entrado en una Fase 2  con contagio local, el Gobierno de la nación está … Continue reading →

Taking the COVID-19 temperature in emerging markets: A dipstick survey to draw early insights about impact on Livelihoods

Co-authored with Ben Mazzotta   It has now been 19 days since the WHO declared the COVID-19 crisis a pandemic on March 11. We publish this blog as several of the largest economies in the world are in the acceleration … Continue reading →