Embracing Change Management to Better Serve Customers

Authored by: BFA GLOBAL
January 7, 2020 - 1 min read

Banco W is a financial institution in Colombia which OPTIX’s research discovered had a rapidly-changing client base. As a result, the needs of their client-base changed significantly as well. The OPTIX program evaluated the change management potential and decided to increase the internal capabilities of the bank, starting with the sales force. There was a gap in salesforce to clearly communicate the product offering to the clients, which then affected the client experience with the bank. They collaborated to develop a training program to improve their ability to communicate the customers and offer them financial tools that would bring a real impact to the clients’ lives, financial health, and long-term loyalty with the banks. OPTIX then helped to set a partnership between Banco W and Juntos Finanzas, a company that specializes in customer engagement for overcoming mental barriers to customer savings.

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